Suitable symptoms

What are your symptoms?

Symptoms that I thought were normal due to my age, and symptoms that I gave up on as a result of hospital tests Are you having trouble with joint pain, numbness, discomfort, poor physical condition, or dullness?

Chiropractic Indications by WHO

nervous system diseaseNeuralgia (trigeminal, intercostal, sciatic) Headache Migraine Toothache Herpes Subnuclear facial nerve palsy Autonomic imbalance Meniere's syndrome Vertigo Numbness
motor system diseaseFrozen shoulder Whiplash Cervicobrachial syndrome Stiff shoulders Sleeping problems Low back pain Strained back Disc herniation Knee osteoarthritis Spondylolisthesis Arthritis Rheumatism Muscle pain Sprains Tennis elbow Tenosynovitis
cardiovascular diseaseHypertension Hypotension Arteriosclerosis Arrhythmia Palpitations Cold sensitivity
respiratory diseasecold sore prevention bronchitis asthma pharyngitis tonsillitis cough
digestive system diseaseGastritis Hyperacidity Stomach cramps Gastric/duodenal ulcer Stomatitis Chronic enteritis Constipation Diarrhea Hemorrhoids
Metabolic endocrine diseasediabetes thyroid dysfunction beriberi
reproductive and urinary system diseasesChronic nephritis, nephrosis, cystitis, impotence, etc.
Gynecological diseaseMenopausal disorders, mastitis, menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, sensitivity to cold, infertility
otorhinolaryngology diseasesMild otitis media, tinnitus, hearing loss (bass disorder type), mild Ménière's disease, epistaxis, rhinitis, laryngopharyngitis, tonsillitis
ophthalmic diseaseAsthenopia, pseudomyopia, tired eyes, stye
Pediatric diseasesPediatric neurosis (night crying, thrush, anorexia, insomnia) Pediatric asthma, allergic eczema, mumps, enuresis, improvement of weak constitution

Stiff shoulder

Even if it's just a stiff shoulder, there are various causes, such as poor blood circulation, stress, eye strain, numbness due to deformation of the cervical spine, and internal disease. I have.

A stiff neck is often a sign of physical disease. It is very important to treat your back pain first. At our clinic, we will fully differentiate these symptoms in the interview and approach them.

lower back pain

Back pain, like neck pain, is caused by a variety of causes.
In particular, many patients with strained back, radicular sciatica due to lumbar disc herniation, and chronic low back pain due to spondylolisthesis visit us. Of course, chiropractic treatment relieves nerve compression, and as nerve function recovers, chronic stubborn back pain often lessens.

knee pain

The knee is a joint that takes a lot of weight, so I think it's a lot of people who hurt it.
At our clinic, many patients with sports injuries (muscle and tendon injuries due to overuse) and age-related knee osteoarthritis (those who do not want to remove accumulated water with injections) visit our clinic. In addition, it is important not to lose the muscle strength of the knees and not to increase the weight, but at our hospital, we will comprehensively support the improvement of the sacroiliac joint function through chiropractic treatment.

Autonomic nervous system diseases (menopause, depression, panic disorder, etc.)

Recently, when we have to live in a stressful society, many people who are suffering from mental illness are visiting us.
Although it is a symptom that requires patience, chiropractic treatment is a treatment that works on the autonomic nerves, balances nerve functions, and improves the constitution. Also, there is no problem with taking medicine, so please contact us if you have any problems.

Infertility treatment/Treatment during pregnancy

Through chiropractic treatment, we will work on the autonomic nervous system, adjust the hormone balance, and help you get pregnant easily. In addition, it is assumed that the balance in the pelvis and abdominal cavity is improved, and the functions of the uterus and ovaries themselves are also improved. At our clinic, many people also receive infertility treatment at the hospital, but we can expect a synergistic effect by using it together with chiropractic treatment.
Pregnant women cannot take medicine because they have a baby in their womb, so chiropractic treatment is suitable because there are no side effects.
The lumbar pelvis is a guideline from 18 weeks when the placenta stabilizes.

pediatric chiropractic

"Children's Cairo" treatment that works well for "night crying"
Chiropractic care tends to be thought of as a treatment for adults, such as stiffness, pain, numbness, insomnia, and back pain, but in fact, it is a very effective treatment for everyone from newborn babies to the elderly. .
It is especially effective for infants who often cry in the middle of the night, anorexia, diarrhea, and stress symptoms peculiar to infants.
This stress symptom is generally called "kanmushi," but if left untreated or excessively scolded, it develops into a variety of emotional disorders such as convulsions, tics, and nocturnal enuresis.

postpartum pelvic correction

We have a female staff, so you can make a reservation with a baby.