30 years of experience. Chiropractic care centered on the upper cervical spine by a trusted international standard chiropractor

Our hospitalWHO (International) Standard ChiropractorTB,c,Sc (Bachelor of Chiropractic Science) uses the most excellent and safe techniques based on the latest American theory of the upper cervical spine, and performs treatments that bring out the maximum effect with the minimum necessary stimulation. Our aim is to maximize the “natural healing power” inherent in human beings, maintain good health, and help lead to a state full of vitality.

Why do people who have not healed wherever they go improve dramatically with the treatment of our clinic?

do you know?
In fact, pain is not necessarily bad.
Stiff shoulders are not only bad for the shoulders. Even if you rub it or hit it, it won't heal.
Low back pain is not only bad for your lower back. Even if you push it or hit it, it won't heal.
The whole body is intricately connected and treating the painful area will not solve anything.
There is a cause for all diseases, pains and symptoms! there is.
sickness and pain! !It is caused by the decline of "natural healing power", and it means that the cerebral and spinal nerves passing through the center of the spinal column are compressed due to the distortion imbalance of the skeleton, and the cerebral and nerve impulses are blocked (that is). increase.
Find out the cause of symptoms and diseases (nerve blockage), adjust the upper cervical spine, restore and maintain your health, and lead a healthy life.

Necessity of X-ray analysis

To "see (take)" an X-ray is to "know" it.
"Not seeing (not taking)" an X-ray means "guessing".
Do you think that "speculation" will cure the symptoms that you have been in trouble for many years?
At our hospital, we request X-rays necessary for chiropractic at partner medical institutions and perform treatment.


We have female staff.

Please contact us for postpartum pelvic correction with children.

We are disinfecting and ventilating the hospital.

For those who are visiting for the first time, we will inform you of the available date and time by phone or LINE.

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We also accept first-time patients and consultations on the line.

If you can't make it in time for the medical treatment, please call us and we will respond.

Murata Chiropractic Institute

14-5 Matsuzuka, Katano-shi, Osaka Unilife Katano-gun Tsu 107
Parking lot: In front of the store

Fax: 072-893-3626

Consultation hoursMonTueWedThuFriSat
Morning: 9:00-12:00
Afternoon: 16:30-20:00
(Reception closes at 19:30)

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